Crocodile Jacket


Vintage Denim Jacket embellished with handmade Crocodile patch

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Too Legit To Quilt
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Crocodile Jacket

This Vintage Gap Denim Jacket has been given new life with the addition of this handmade Crocodile Patch! The patch is created using repurposed fabrics and is reinforced with machine stitching. The jacket is labeled a size Women’s XL.

This Patch is an ode to power and to remind ourselves that WE HAVE POWER. We can find our inner strength and harness our power. Have you ever seen a crocodile launch itself out of the water with its tail? It’s poetry. It’s an ancient animal who uses its power and agility with absolute grace. It’s a living dinosaur who has been around for millions of years, sharing wisdom and teaching us to be FIERCE.

Patch care: If washed in a washing machine, some minor fraying may occur on some of the fabric pieces. The degree of fray will depend on the type of fabric. I cannot guarantee the amount of fraying or wear that will occur if the patch is washed. I recommend spot cleaning if you do not want to run the risk of fraying. Extensive backpack wearing may increase the amount of wear and tear.


Women's XL

Too Legit To Quilt

Too Legit to Quilt is committed to using re-purposed materials and clothing to create beautiful and symbolic handmade goods that serve your own mission of self expression.

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