I Don’t Know If I’m Burning or Drowning

You told me I was a star
And that stars were more easily admired from far away
I tried to paint the colors
But the colors turned to sounds
I got paint on my keyboard
And the sound turned to silence
And now I’m just sitting here with dried paint in my hair staring at the stars

I don’t know if I’m burning or drowning
Every wave suffocates me
But my heart is on fire
I’d like to stay away
Run away
It’s safer there
I hope I can trust myself
Because I can’t trust anyone else

I’m done believing in romantic love
Soul mates are journey guides
Free love is meant to feed the peace
Romantic love doesn’t exist
Feeds a flame
It’s just sex or misery
Everyone just wants to feel something instead of nothing even if it’s nothing

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by Alexia Montgomery

Social Media Specialist with a passion for art, fashion, and dance.


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