Harness Youtube Channel + November Superwoman Mollykate Cline

Harness Magazine is happy to announce our very own youtube channel. You will be able to watch the latest superwoman interviews, DIY videos, behind the scenes and SO much more! Be sure to follow along so you never miss a beat.

Our first release is November’s superwoman, MollyKate Cline!

MollyKate Cline is far more than a fashion student at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Cline is a fashion designer whose work has been featured in New York Fashion Week, a mental health advocate following her own struggles, and a wedding photographer. She’s young, she’s hungry, and she’s a superwoman. Harness Magazine sat down with MollyKate to learn just how she does it all. Get ready to feel inspired by our latest superwoman!

Catch up with MollyKate on Instagram and Twitter.

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