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I couldn’t write you out of my life if I tried, and trust me, I did. I attempted to forget everything only to have it come back to me in never-ending streams. I was headed full speed towards a waterfall of our memories, and instead of fighting the current I allowed it to take me on a journey, and it was then that I realized I don’t want to forget you.

Everything we ever experienced, talked about, every adventure we ever had shaped who I am and I don’t want to forget any of that. I’ll take the good with the bad and if I never said it before, I’m thankful for all the times you made me smile and didn’t know it.

There are certain songs that will always remind me of you. There are places we talked about going that I still plan to visit. So no, I can’t forget you because you still give me hope to one day obtain everything that we never got to be.

by Kennedy Thompson

I've always loved the arts and began writing when I was eight-years old. I believe art is a beautiful way of expressing yourself and an amazing form of therapy be it performing, written or visual. I enjoy traveling, cooking, spending time with friends and family and a good glass of wine.

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