As he journeyed into me, I found my soul unprotected through the window he opened just by staring into my eyes.

There I realized that I’d already lost this battle before it ever started.

The pureness in his eyes left me motionless, breathless, shining a light in the darkest corners of my life that I kept secret.

I’d been driven so far into the dark by my past and a stranger, in a matter of seconds, rescued me. The only thing he ever said was, “Hello.”

My heart drowned in deep repentance, I flatlined. Before I could come to, he was already gone.



Author: Moneeke Byrd
Email: neekechantay@gmail.com
Author Bio: My name is Moneeke Byrd and I am a United States Air Force Veteran. I developed a passion for writing at an early age, and I’m excited to use my talent to help others see life in a different light. I enjoy writing about love, reality and positivity!



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