Cosmic Love



The painting shows a contrast of light and dark colors.


The broken planet resembles how something can be beautiful even after being broken.

The shattering stones resembles as the broken pieces of someone who can still bloom without it.









Author: Marzia Ali 
Email: marzia.sayyad@gmail.com 
Author Bio: I’m Marzia Ali, Born on 20th August 1998, I am 19 years old  Artist,Designer and entrepreneur currently pursuing my education in India. 

The painting has always been one of my favorite hobbies and I find great delight in doing so. I find painting easier for me than expressing my thoughts verbally. 
My obsession with the clouds, stars, sunsets and the depth they portray make me feel like I carry the entire universe inside of me, which is true as we are the universe experiencing itself. I try to find the delicate balance between being alone with my thoughts and in nature. 
Apart from that, I dedicate my time to the development of my art team and work towards expanding my artwork to a higher audience. 
Aside from that, I want to be an activist and help people especially in empowering women and helping every women and child to reach his or her maximum potential. It is my belief that it does not take us to be a superhero to help other human beings around us, anyone with the good will and good intention can help others. 
I want to live my life to its fullest, like a flowing river of diverse events and adventures, learning new stuff and keeping myself open to new people and experiences. 
Link to social media: Twitter @marzia_li | Instagram @marzia_li 

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