And If I Could.

What if 10 years from now, you run into me in a coffee shop?
Your heart will race while your palms gets sweaty. You feel overwhelmed by all these things that you had to tell me but can’t bring yourself to say.
I wear my hair longer than I ever did before
And I am vegetarian.
Yet, you still choose not to drink coffee for the bet I made you.
You still always furrow your eyebrows looking as intimidating as can be.
And your eyes are still as pretty as it is.

What if in 10 years we meet again?
In a coffee shop while I sip on my coffee that I swore I would never drink and you muster the courage to tell me that you wrote me letters by the hand and could not bring yourself to send them and they are filling your drawers and you cannot seem to find more place to keep them.
And you still sigh as you look at that Star Wars mug you had at mine as your designated mug and watch as the light sabers light up.
You remember how I gushed at how cool it was.

What if in 10 years we run into a coffee shop and you look at me in the eyes and remember all the time that they talked to you when words were not enough?
You will remember those lazy cuddles we had right before devouring each other.
Maybe, even the fights while we tried not to smile at each other.

What if 10 years from now, I ask you to marry me and you say ‘yes!’ as if you were waiting for me to say that ten years ago.
Your response would be a jubilee-painted ‘I do,’  instead of ‘we will see what the future holds for us.’

And if you are reading this right now, I love you.
I will still love you 10 years from now.
What I have for you, I will never have with anyone ever again.

-Hanshika H.




Author: Hanshika Heeramun
Email: hanshika1441@gmail.com
Author Bio: I believe in dynamic and learning through experience. As an ambivert, I find great peace in a book and adventure through the eyes of another person.
Link to social media or website: http://alovewithinus.blogspot.com




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