Women Of The World

Women will prevail in the harsh masculinity of the world through the cognitive enlightenment of strength in intellect. Equal rights will flow through an egalitarian society- but whereas now, slavery has entrapped the feminine quality. Oh, how society indulge in such falsehood! Men look only through the eyes of chains when seeing that of a woman; such fools of deprivation. Women appear to men as frail, delicate creatures with curves and soft edges, but in my experiences and life, women have been hard workers and loving caregivers. To be equal in marriage is to be equal in partnership and growth, not of individual superiority but of  equivalent counterparts. Women are women, not objects to show off and dance around in the public eye.  Women are strong and sensible and should be characterized by what is in their hearts not by their appearance. Women acquire strength through the pure force of dismissing intricate counterfeit delicacies and rise to great power, rather by one’s own mind, not that of the artificial prosperity gained of marriage and degrading beauty.

Indeed, upon reflection, I note many accomplishments have been gifted upon our sex in politics, rights, and education; yet the struggle of acceptance and acknowledgement in those accomplishments is continuously bashed by the opponent of domination. This civil society is built upon the ideals of etiquette and insufficient opinions of inadequacy in the feminine sex. Furthermore, as a woman, I stand believing that every human being (woman or not) is truly special, not typecast by waist size or muscular bulk. A physical body is a vessel that every human utilizes in order to carry individual multicolored spirits across this materialistic plain of worth. Weakness is not that of a sex but it is that of a mindset–in all truths, weakness is the human condition for those under the false inclinations of superiority.

We are those who prevail and rise through this societal veil; we are indeed Women.




Author: Debrah Wright
Email: Debrahlouwright@gmail.com
Author Bio: Hello! My name is Debrah Wright! I am currently a student attending Tech Tech and I’m majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in public relations. I love writing and sharing my heart. I hope to inspire people all over the world and show that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!




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