When You’re Gone

When you’re gone,
there will be tears…
But after a few months,
You will drift.
Out of sight,
out of mind.
Because that’s what happens.
You will come back to mind…
But he will still forget.
When you’re gone,
He won’t remember
what your voice sounds like,
how your hugs feel,
that damn smile
when he said something stupid,
when you say you hate him.
That sparkle in your eye.

When you’re gone,
he will wonder why…
why you left.
But every day was just…
another day.
It’s difficult to see differently
when you are reminded
how much of a disappointment you were
to him, but only to him.
The person who mattered the most in the moment…
well, the person you thought you needed the most.

When you’re gone,
he will remember
when you told him
how you felt…
he will remember
that he didn’t care.
He never listened.
When you’re gone,
maybe he will…
But it won’t change anything.
Because you are still gone,
and you’re not coming back.

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by jayraycyr

I am currently a high school student who uses writing as a safe haven for feelings that I feel like I can't express to anyone else. I started off writing songs from a really young age, and now I continue to write songs, but I have also graduated into writing poetry as well.

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