Welcome Home

What does it feel like to come back into yourself?

It feels like sitting in a nest of pillows and blankets, while wearing your favorite sweatpants.

It feels like wandering into an intimate concert for your favorite band, only to discover that the room is full of people you cherish.

It feels like every breath you inhale is rich with the scent of your favorite candle.

It feels like the universe is reading your favorite book aloud to you.

It feels like people clear a path for you on the sidewalk, because you are allowed to take up space.

It feels like everywhere you look, the buildings are smiling and the trees are inviting you to dance with them.

It feels like the quiet confidence of looking into a mirror and whispering, “Welcome Home.”

by Abb_noelle

As a gal in her tumultuous mid-twenties, the oldest of 5 siblings, staff member at a residential trauma treatment facility, outdoor enthusiast, avid reader, faith-abiding, two-time breast tumor survivor, who single-handedly funds the tea industry, Abbey always turns to writing to keep her sane and joyful.
She’s been writing since she was young, garnering a few awards along the way. Most notably, Abbey published a book of her poetry in 2019, entitled “Rocks in the Water.”
Abbey’s favorite writing topics include poetry, international affairs, and the intersection between faith and social justice. Catch her at a local coffee shop making friends with strangers!

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