The path continues

and starts 

over and again

from where you are:

Where rocks have fallen

frozen in place

by a fallen heart

Where leaves lie

brittle and motionless

from a darkened mind

Where branches stay bare

and vulnerable to breaking

by a fearful hand.

This is where you are:

Where you begin

Where you learn

that strength is in

Warming your heart

to the petrified

Opening your heart

to the weak

Transforming your heart

to be kinder

to yourself 

and to others.

This path never ends — 

Your journey to compassion

always begins

from where you are.

by sheishimi

A southeast Ohio transplant from the east coast, with many lives lived in the US and abroad, mainly in Thailand, where teaching, writing, eating, and travelling comprised of the air I breathed. A conjurer of stories and poetry. Outside writing, a grants manager and online teacher. A yoga teacher and meditation practitioner. A walker among trees and a listener of rain. A believer in authenticity and courage in the face of uncertainty.


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