Here in this bed

Here in this room

Where cries of sadness and bliss have all been heard

My heart of hearts is with you always

Even in the unwanted moments where I feel too broken to be


You’ve seen my light

You’ve felt my darkness

A truth I can never undo, no matter the regret

But you always stay

You always love me

Even when I’ve deemed myself unworthy

You find a way to bring me back


You are the one I write about

The undying love that came lifetimes ago

My first breath came with our first embrace

My last will surely be yours as well


I never want to see this world, if not through your eyes

Nothing else could be so pure and kind

As the thoughts that swim through your brain


I never want to be without the life we’ve built around this

Around this bed

Around this room

Around us.

by Amanda Nicole

I’m 32 years old, and trying to figure out who I’m meant to be in this world. I’m searching for my purpose and working on becoming my best self, one day at a time. Writing is a natural passion for me, and I’m excited to explore what it can bring to my future. Welcome to my life!

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