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The fashion at Coachella is something you won’t see anywhere else. Some outfits are decked head to toe in glitter, rhinestones, fringe, and body jewelry while others wear BARELY any clothes at all.
The biggest challenge is the weather!
STAYING COOL enough during the day, and not wearing anything that will melt or stick to your body.  Our Harness girls applied sunblock at least five times before it had even reached noon. It was 100 degrees – straight sun. Lipstick is questionable.
Being prepared for CHILLY nights. They’re not kidding when they tell you to bring a jacket. It gets COOOOLD.  You might even want to change your entire outfit at night, like denim and sweatshirt and jacket.
Comfortable shoes! You will see about 1/10,000 attendees wearing heels and you’ll think, “How?!?”.  The grounds are HUGE and they are made up of grass, dirt, rocks, gravel, etc. And you’ll walk miles everyday.
Body Positivity At Coachella – big booties & little booties unite! We saw all shapes, sizes, genders – with their booties out! Showing tons of skin, wearing teeny tiny clothes, or tight pieces – all looking BOMB and rocking it. Maybe it’s something in the sun, but everyone was definitely feeling comfortable and feeling themselves shamelessly.
We asked one attendee where she got her fashion inspo for the festival and she replied, “Instagram Ads.”
Coachella also has a DOPE vintage market outside of the gates. They have the coolest vendors with one of a kind vintage pieces, beaded clothing, rhinestone clothing, jewelry, statement hats, breezy linen pieces, and more. So if you forget to pack appropriately, you can get a dope fit last minute.
We saw many trends at the festival but one that stood out particularly was NEON ORANGE!
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