The Road To Self-Love

My dear life

I am done

I am done waiting for love

I am done hiding behind the mask

of a reckless nonchalant woman

available for hunters to make a pass

and I’m tired of being hunted down

like a sheer piece of meat

whose blood has flown

into mouths of hunters

shrinking it each time into

even more pallid a mass.

My dear life

I am done

I am done taking blames

I am done accepting without refutal

the hints of insinuations of infidelity

and the skewed reality

you slyly keep planting in my jarred head

while the fact remains

that my quest was, has been

for love you always deprived me of,

I slipped seeing the slightest signs of broken

hearts never realizing the broken ones

had already exhausted their reserves

and you ruthlessly labeled every slip of mine

as a conscious dive into a sea of lust.

Pardon me, my dear life

I am done

I am done begging pardons

I am done seeking forgiveness and shedding

tears of penance for sins I committed

in the hope for love while you kept mocking me

for no fault of mine and kept setting me up

on a loop of unrequited love.

My dear life

I am done

I am done holding hands with hope

I am done holding on to the adjunct of hope

that blinds me and dumbs me down,

every time pulling me even deeper into an abyss

it says is meant for the loveless dames.

But let me tell you my dear life

I am done

I am done sinking in the abyss

of an endless search for love

and now I am raising myself,

bit by bit, day by day,

to witness the ever-blue sky

of self-love.

Yes my dear life

Self love.



Author: Megha
Email: megha786rana@gmail.com
Author Bio: I am a girl next door who loves to express herself through the written word. Whenever she’s staring at the empty walls, words start urging her to be let out of the cages of her mind to the blank pages.
Link to social media: Instagram @megha786rana


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