The Lesson

I learned a lesson,
a peculiar lesson,
from a moth.

And it is that
one should not envy
the butterflies.

One should not wait
for the candle to burn.

Or resent
their chrysalised pasts.

One should spread their wings
while they still can.
And take up space
when no one’s watching.

what’s the point
of melting into memory

when you can choose
to lean into light?

by firegoldandhoney

Stephanie Nieves is a personal empowerment enthusiast, chai tea latte connoisseur, and career-minded hood hippie from Spanish Harlem, NY. Her experience with self-discovery, spirituality, and transformative healing lend themselves to her work in artistic and written form. You can find more of her words on Fairygodboss, Medium, and FGRLS Club, or connect with her on Twitter @wordchefsteph.

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