Mental Health

The Endless Cycle

The waves crash down
Pounding head and ringing ears
When you’re not sure what it is you fear

Your friends want to go out and celebrate
Racing brain begins, forever afraid your words
Will be taken the wrong way

Up all night, no time to sleep during the day
Migraines set in, can’t keep them at bay
The pain loves eating from the inside out

How can people relate when you can’t find a way out?
Your stomach burns and churns
It’s impossible to drink or eat

You feel alone and want to stay home
Family and friends don’t understand
You seem fine on the outside

People ask, “if you’re in that much pain, how can you even work?”
They don’t understand their questions hurt
How do you prove what’s wrong inside?

The water swirls around you, eating you up
You must swim, don’t let the darkness win
Anxiety always brings its best friend, depression

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by kmc0390

I enjoy strolling though Barnes and Noble, reading on the beach, writing, hiking and taking photos.

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