Spaced Out

I used to feel trapped in limbo,
But I’m used to the trauma of a heartbreak now.
When I look at what we had, I see stars,
Little flames of passion & comfort.
When I look at myself, I see the Sun,
A sense of flaming independence & beauty to flourish.
I was blinded in a galaxy of infatuation,
Not paying attention to my own intuition.
I felt a black hole coming to end us,
But there wasn’t enough oxygen for me to address it.
I don’t blame you for taking off when you did,
Some stars simply can’t handle being outshined by the Sun.

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by makeeliajordan

I am a writer , photographer and body positive queen . I recently hit the reset button on my body , mind , and soul and have embraced change . I started to push myself out of my comfort zone and put my work out there. Most people call me confident , but I prefer the term "boss bitch". I am an open book and I can't wait to share my visions with the world.

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