You can borrow my heart whenever you need it
I don’t need anything from you
Other than for you to know that you exist inside of me

My affinity towards you is so deep
And when we’re alone
It feels so deep

There are many things I don’t have to say
You don’t have to say
We just know
We just feel

I release you
We release each other
To live our lives
Just knowing in the back of our minds
That the connection
The Love
Lives there naturally

If we gravitate towards each other
We’ll let it flow naturally
Whether it’s now
Or another lifetime

I will be here forever
It is forever
There’s no rush
I’m not running
And neither are you
We are bound

I admire you forever
I support you forever
I encourage you forever
I appreciate you forever

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by Alexia Montgomery

Social Media Specialist with a passion for art, fashion, and dance.


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