Scottsdale Photographer Celebrates Art Of Dance

Emily Black is a portrait and dance photographer who loves collaborating with other women to produce her work. Prior to starting her photography business, she worked in oil paint, ceramics, and basket making.
“I was definitely a solitary artist,” she says. “I would go into my studio with an idea and torture myself until it was done. I didn’t realize how lonely it was.” Now, however, her artwork is collaborative. She works with portrait clients, makeup artists and dancers to bring a shared vision to life.
“I love photographing dancers because they make such beautiful shapes. I’m a sculptor deep down,” she says. “Shooting a dancer is like photographing a sculpture. I have control of the lighting and I can design the best presentation for the camera, but it’s up to the dancer to create the shape. Dance is constantly moving, though. That sculpture only lasts a fraction of a second, and it’s up to me to capture it.”
Emily says above all, she loves collaborating with another artist. “We’ve both worked for years to learn our craft, and the photographs are our achievement together,” she says. “Working with these dancers, who have given a decade or more of their young lives to achieving this standard of perfection is really exciting to me. I want to show their strength, dedication and control. That’s what I find beautiful.”
Author: Emily Black
Email: emily@emilyblackphoto.com
Author Bio: Emily Black is a recent transplant to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she specializes in dance photography.  She is originally from Mississippi, holds a Master’s Degree in Humanities from the University of Houston Clear Lake and most recently lived in the village of Lymington, England, for four years.  She enjoys travel, sewing and reading mystery novels.
Link to social media or website: http://www.emilyblackphoto.com

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