You didn’t see her worth.

Or perhaps you did and it frightened you.

Because you were envious and knew that you could never give the same back to her.


So you had not deserved her kind of love for a long time.

Yet you took it anyway, and had the nerve to complain about everything she gave.

So now you appropriately have what you asked for, and painted on a smile, still longing for her love.

That is your destiny.

To long for her, wonder about her, live without her.

by Diana Joya

Diana Joya is a writer, poet, children’s book author, speaker and travel writer. She was born in Connecticut and began her career in the insurance industry, which enabled her to go to college part time and receive her bachelor’s degree in Health Administration. Diana’s desire to explore the world, educate others, and dream big, persevered. Her first trip abroad was when she was just 19, and opened up her curiosity for the world. As travel continued, so did Diana’s desire to share her love and experiences with others. A passion for writing in various genres grew as well, as a result.
Diana currently resides in Connecticut. In her leisure time she enjoys healthy living through fitness and healthy eating, traveling, writing, and spending time outdoors.

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