Racing Thoughts

Eyes of brown,
sultry and dark,
free my mind,
live my life,
rich or poor,
it’s all the same,
Do you know me?
I walk alone,
walk alone, yet too proud to stand,
hang my head now,
lay down and dream of a new tomorrow.

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by DebCafe2289

Well I'm never really good about describing myself, I mean who is right? I'm a writer, artist, runner, hiker, mother, and a very hard worker. Seems income never wants to go passed the bills but that's life, or so I've heard. I have anxiety and depression. I'm very open about my mental health and my past traumas with abuse. I like helping other women that have been in similar situations. Just because not everyone has found their strength to open up, doesn't mean abuse is fiction. It's real and in many forms. Be strong.

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