We are worth so much more–

our meaning is beyond what we think

special in our own way


Shining in every step,

Extraordinary and beautiful at the same time–

by body and mind


Don’t need anyone’s approval

nor hateful looks

–I am proud of me,

and who I have become


No other like me–

unique and independent,

heroin of my own story

just another word to describe who we are


Purely queens, nothing more

never settle for less–

not to being judged or steeped over


Supporting one another–

like strong and amiable woman we are.

Wether for good or worse

Lifting always each others crowns

by poetcheel

My name is Chelsie Rivera, known as @poetcheel. I'm a young puertorrican poetess with amazing desires and aspirations to continue to write full-time. College student with a BA on Office Systems. Literature enthusiast and a coffee lover. Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare fan. I like everything except racism and discrimination comments. I started writing in 2018. Almost two years, I don't regret it. I'm a very quiet and observant person in general. Photography and art are part of my life. And I love everything about my life.


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