Gentle Face Wash


This powdered face wash is made of gentle, nourishing ingredients. It’s an edible blend (though I don’t really recommend eating clay!) that prevents breakouts and maintains healthy skin. It won’t strip away the delicately balanced oils the way that many conventional facial cleansers do, yet it still leaves your face feeling incredibly clean and soft.

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Gentle Face Wash

What people are saying about it…

…I don’t know what I did before!

…it has transformed my face

…I love love love it!

… no longer need to rely on concealer and foundation before I leave the house

To use, simply take less than a pea sized amount on your fingers, add a tiny bit of water, and massage onto your face. Rinse as usual. This container holds enough for about 40 uses.

This face wash pairs well with the calendula + comfrey and frankincense + comfrey face oils.

Made with: kaolin clay, ground organic oats, ground organic almonds, ground organic lavender, ground organic roses

Come in 1 oz glass jar, enough for about 40 uses


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