On the brink

I’m on the Brink
Start to overthink
I begin to sink
Then one last blink
Into deep oblivion

Waters spilling at the brim
Holding on to my last breath
Seconds away from my death
Bubbles start to float on top
Then my breath came to a stop

My soul floats above,
as my body stops shaking.
My life is in Gods hands,
All his for the taking.

I won’t come back
But please don’t cry
I love you all
Take care and goodbye.

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by Racoba91

Just a wandering soul obsessed with the world,
who is also a hardcore closet pun aficionado.
A somewhat terrified but, on the other hand, thrilled momma-to-be, awaiting this astounding journey to come.
Figuring out how to make something out of this beautiful madness we call "life."

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