Love Lost

In hopes that we would share the same language of love, I stayed.
Physically we understood each other, occasionally mentally and emotionally.
I decided to translate my spirit as you translated yours. Even your spirit spoke different.
In hopes that your spirit would change, i stayed.
Unknowingly, weeks became years as we reside on separate pages, speaking in different tongues and our spirits vibrating at different frequencies.

Once i realized the importance of my spirit and energy, i gained my power back.
My spirit had to retreat to save itself from you. I can no longer give when you are not giving.

We will never speak the same language as long as we’re on different frequencies.

by jenuineworks

I originate from Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve been writing books since the age of 9. I was selected to join the Young Author’s Conference at that age. I grew up in poverty with a schizophrenic mother and an alcoholic father, it was tough, but I managed to make the best of my life. I began writing again at the age of 23 which led to releasing my first book entitled Journey to Love in 2017. I’m a yoga instructor as well as a writer. I have currently released a poetry book entitled She of the Woods and a children’s book, What About Me? in 2019.

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