Love Lessons

So here’s what I’ve learned from love this time around:
Sometimes, your best will still not be good enough.
It does not mean you failed.
It also does not mean “try harder.”
I learned that healing is non-linear.
This means that some days you will feel like you are swimming in a sea of happiness.
Which is not to say that by night time you won’t be drowning in the usual sorrows.
But at least you’ve mastered how to stay afloat.
I learned that moving on does not mean “I don’t love you anymore.”
It simply means, “I am learning how to love you less, and myself more.”
And that in itself is a victory.
I learned that letting go is a struggle.
Like how some days, they won’t even cross your mind, and you will feel like you have finally won the battle.
But others, you will come across someone that wears their smile, and you will have lost it all over again.
I have learned that “out of sight, out of mind” is a cliché for a reason.
And so is everything they say about time.
Above all,
I have learned that sooner or later, you will find the glimmer of light that you swore they had stolen from you.
Because truth is, it was never really gone.
That a true romantic is never done believing in love.
So, you are definitely still one.
And that, although you will still dwell on the “what ifs,” one day you’ll realize that you were too good to have settled for any of that.
That is the moment that the universe teaches you it was always on your side.

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