I’ve always been good in school. I take pride in working too hard and feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

I don’t like being tired, and I wish I had more time to do the things I loved. I always get good grades in school, and even in college receiving a B seems like a failure.

My parents are divorced. Maybe I never forgave myself for that even though I was two-years-old and had nothing to do with it.

I sing because music is uncomplicated and real, and because people tell me I have a nice voice. My voice is my strongest connection to my mother.

I buy too many clothes and take too good of care with my shoes. I think shoes are my favorite things to buy because they always look good on me no matter how I feel about my body. My feet are cute enough, for feet; probably because I never stuck with ballet long enough to destroy them.

I do yoga because it keeps me active, but I also do yoga because it makes me forget about my body’s inadequacies. It makes me happy when I can do a backbend and let my heart shine openly to the sun.

I wish I could shine openly to the sun everyday.



Author: Anonymous


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