i know

the bright winter sun

searing red

through closed eyelids


your breath


in your throat


my eyes flutter open

as your jaw relaxes.


i know.

before you say the words,

i know.

from how your eyes are pained,

i know.

you’re sorry,

i know.

by margaretbee

Margaret is a poet + maker in Austin, TX.

The poetry she writes focuses on the micro-moments of life: a fleeting feeling of desire, the split second you know something is ending, that initial contact when you plunge into cold water. A life is a series of moments, motions, and feelings; you're constantly changing and pivoting. Margaret's interest is in the experience of living in our bodies - how we feel, how we react, how we connect. To capture these small moments, be it intensity or peace, is a reminder of what it is to be alive.


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