I hope you lay in dandelion fields.

I hope you breathe in spring air, feel the wind in your hair and count the clouds in the sky.

I hope you tap into that childlike laugh of yours.

I hope you remain delicate and soft.

I hope you keep your head held high and remain true to your heart.

I hope you become fearless because you can make your dreams come true.

I hope you express your love, your thoughts, your desires as if your feet will never touch the ground again.

I hope you say yes to adventure and turn the page if anything makes you feel small.

I hope you write love letters to yourself and others just for the sake of pleasure, reassurance and passion.

I hope you find the discipline to reach every single one of your goals.

I hope your heart bursts with gratitude that you ignite a fire in another.

I hope you continue to keep going and persevere because your strength overshadows any doubt.

I hope you travel and see mountains, deserts, kingdoms, valleys, crashing waves, fields of sunflowers, sunsets and sunrises over history made still.

I hope you find wild love that makes you dance in the streets and blush at a simple name.

I hope you find joy in silence and in chaos.

I hope you find warm hands to hold and friendly faces you can rest your head on.

I hope you find peace, grace and happiness.

I hope your eyes twinkle when you see beauty.

And I hope, I hope, you smile,

just because.

Author: Jessica Stanley
Email: jessica.c.stanley2@gmail.com
Author Bio: I am an educator, poet, writer and fitness enthusiast. My poetry focuses on love and life experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. I write for the hopeful romantics, the guarded, the silent, the joyful, the jaded and the loving. Poetry has been my strength, my voice and my heart that I wish to share with the world to heal, to wish, to love once more.


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