Her Jealousy of Mother Nature

I’m jealous of the birds
flying in the sky so free
I’m sitting on the ground
watching the world move
as I am stuck
Though the world spins
I find myself unable to move
I’m jealous of the rain
how it falls wherever it wants to 
It can cover a whole street
and no one will tell it not to
The wind caresses my cheek
teasing me with its ability to dance
its ability to be cold or warm
I’m jealous of the wind
I’m jealous of the rain
I’m jealous of how the world moves
how it never stops moving
someday I will learn how to be one
with mother nature 
so I could move 
so I could choose 
so I can dance 
and no one will tell me not to

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by B.v.writing

My name is britney villa I’m 23 living in Los Angeles as an aspiring writer. This past year I’ve really came out of my comfort and opened an Instagram poetry page b.v.writing that allowed me to expand my creativity and love for writing. Since I’ve opened my page I’ve been able to have the opportunity of being published twice. The Journey Of writing has been incredible I just hope to be able to continue doing so.

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