He Was My Poetry

He was my poetry.
From the pink of his lips to the
dips in his hips and the way he
looked when he stared at me. Like
the universe was there before us,
and yet we were all alone. When
he held me in his arms I dreamed
I might have found a home.

He was my poetry.
From the stars in his eyes to the
truth in his lies and how he always
knew me. Thus, his song was in my
soul and my heart was in his hands.
And when he leaned in to gently kiss
me, I would soar to other lands.

He was my poetry.
From the stories he would tell to
the way I surely fell and the storms
rolled from deep inside. He would
hold me close when thunder was
near; whisper pretty things into
into the shell of my ear. He was
my troubled angel of tears.

He was my poetry.
From the dots on my I’s to the crosses
on my T’s and all the beautiful
things he said to me. I wrote and
wrote and wrote until my fingers
began to bleed. I was so in love
with him, that he became
poetry to me…

He. Was. My. Poetry.

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by JanuaryFiction

Hi, I'm Mariah McIntyre! I'm currently twenty years old and residing in the mid-west. Ever since I was two years old I've been writing my emotions and the depths of my imagination onto paper to share with the world. I'm constantly jotting down my creative view through my day to day life, and am currently working on finishing a book I'm writing. Another interest of mine is photography and in 2017 I invested in equipment that would allow me to further pursue a career in photography along side my passion for the written word. I love connecting with people through my photos, writing and travel; I hope I can continue to make an impact on others while learning self growth along the way. This year is my biggest journey yet as I face a relapse in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. In the midst of this huge chapter in my life, I have more to say and express to the world than ever before.

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