Remembering that night, our first night
The room illuminated by candles
Rose petals adorned the floor
Loves notes posted in every empty space
Baby, you are my everything, and I smile because of you

Your reaction touched my heart to the core
Your overwhelming tears tore down the walls that guarded my heart
I Love You was all wanted to shout
Terrified at what you would think, I kept it to myself

As the evening progressed. the passion consumed every ounce of that room
Enjoying how every inch of you filled me
Your hands in mine, your lips on my lips
Never let me go is what ran through my mind
But the night had to end

A quiet drive on the way to your home only to have you say the words I waited for all night
I Love You Baby!




Author: Jacqueline Rodriguez
Email: jc2065.jr37@gmail.com
Author Bio: Creator and founder That_Love.com. My blog page was created with the intent of empowering women by telling “My Truth” with love.  I hope that through my experiences with love and heartbreak I can connect with all women who have had similar experiences.  I want to lift all women up and let them know that they are not alone.  Have faith in LOVE….
Link to social media or website: http://www.that-love.com



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