White paper

On the floor

Lilac purple streaks

Blue ovals

Yellow dots and crooked lines

Green on white

Light blue streaks

Flowing from a crayon

Held by a little finger

Focus of a 4-year-old

Attention of a 32-year-old

Watching her

Creating what she likes

What she likes to see


And drawing

Lines of colors


“Mommy look, Pretty.”



Author: Michelle Hout
Email: Michellek729@hotmail.com
Author Bio: Everyday is so busy and full of clutter. Small moments, like watching my daughter create with crayons, need to be more noticed. She wants me to notice, and then I do. And I love that I am completely impressed by her.

by Michelle Hout

Struggle, motherhood, love, work, growth...this is a woman. See what it tastes like.

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