Electric Forest 2019 Was Dope AF

Electric Forest 2019 was DOPE.


Good vibes, peaceful energy and LOTS of love.

After packing up our car and filling our trunk full of camping equipment, we made the drive to Forest. We were overwhelmed by the crowds of people attending, and just how HUGE the Forest actually was. Nonetheless, we made it a priority to search the Forest for women’s spaces, female representations and speak with female festival-goers on their feelings of the Forest.

A few things we observed:

1.  Electric Forest is INCREDIBLY LGBTQ+ friendly. Couples, lovers and friends frolicked freely with their partners both safely and peacefully.

2.  Festival fashion was ON POINT. All attendees dressed freely, without fear of judgment or sexual harassment.

3.  Women were represented BEAUTIFULLY throughout the art and installation pieces. One of our favorite installations was this giant wooden goddess.

4.  LOVE was everywhere.

5.  Self-care was a MAJOR theme for installations and activities. Hammock sections were installed for festival-goers to relax, read and nap.

The music was AMAZING.
The art was AMAZING.
We experienced the DOPEST silent disco of our lives; everyone was in their zone.
People would not stop coming up randomly and hugging us and saying the kindest things.
We even received some homemade arts and crafts (gifts) that attendees had pre-made for the festival crowds.

DJs were serving beats on the campgrounds until at least 6AM every night, and everyone was there for it.
This festival breathes COMMUNITY, more than anything we’ve ever been to before.
You definitely go home with new friends, warm memories, and…you also can’t stop listening to EDM music for at least four days afterwards.

Side Note:
“DUDE, where’s our car?!”
Remember where you park.
We were so excited to enter the festival, that we didn’t think about “dropping” our parking location. We left the festival at 2AM on Friday night and didn’t find our car until 6AM (after FOUR hours of walking around the enormous grounds in circles).

** Not funny at all at the time, funny AF now…

Videos coming soon of some female festival interview content!

Thank you so much Electric Forest, we will be back for sure.

*All photography by Hunter Clem.*

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