Des’ Story

Des’ Story

Brilliant blues and hues of green illuminate the shore as yellow light scatters through the air. Across the surface, shimmering flecks sparkle like stars, shining between waves. The sky shrouding the horizon like a halo, but adorned like a crown, gleams in shades of pink and warm romantic red. That’s how I look at you my love, as the setting sun looks upon the sea. Kissing its surface delicately and slowly. Falling upon it desperately every night, longing for longevity and consistency. But then, inevitably, it grows cold. Night falls, as I do for you, but with it comes darkness and chill. Cast out of your light and replaced, surely by a glowing moon. And she’s shroud in stars and solar glow, everything that I’m not. 

You look at me callously. No, worse than that. Casually. With the nonchalant disregard of a stranger, or almost as cold, like the shoulder of a passing acquaintance. Just a small ‘hi’, just a brief glance. Fleeting like the smoke of gun. None of the impact but oh, all of the fire my love. All of the pain. How I wish to one day look upon your face and see favor reflected in your eyes. But alas, it never ends half that sweetly. 

I love you. You know that, don’t you? But of course you do. My love shines through your smile and coddles your sigh. It bounces in your step and peppers your stride. I’ll take what I can get from you, that’s exactly what I have to do. Such desperation, longing forlorn. Biting chill and gray moons endlessly fill my mind when I don’t have you my dear, but I never really do. An endless loneliness, that is loving you. While you sit and love another, give her all my rings. Small and insignificant as the stream, bubbling over with endless admiration for you. I spill into you, a waterfall magnificent and bigger than me. And I am left, once again, empty. Hollow like your heart, hollow like my eyes as they look to you yet again, full of yearning. Ever-burning with desire. 

You look at me and I wish I was her. You look at me and I know I never will be. 


by writtenbywai

Just an aspiring screenwriter / poet trying to find her way.

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