What Happens When You Date A Writer…Louder, For Those In The Back

Date a writer, 

You will feel the wind on your skin 

You will know beauty in the kind of simplicity you have never seen 

And with that knowledge, you will be free. 


Date a writer, 

And you will see the world in colour 

A mirage of sunset shades that you never imagined 

Gold and orange spilled over your face. 


Date a writer, 

You will see the way she looks through sadness 

With multi-dimensional glasses set in tints brighter than typical roses 

And it will be the balance that lifts you. 


Date a writer, 

You will learn to love in the most honest of ways 

Moved by the heart, pushing needless tricks of the mind aside 

You will be loved, and you will feel alive. 


After all that has been said and done 

If you break my heart, I will turn it into art 

That is the way that this works 

So do not place the blame on me  

When you see your name painted in red lights 

Like deer in the headlights. 


Warning sirens have been rung from the start – 


Date a writer, 

and each good  

along with every bad  

become yours to keep. 



Author: Samantha Lisa Emmanuel 
Email: samanthalisa25@gmail.com 
Author Bio: A 21-year old from a far away country in love with poetry, people and the grand scheme of falling in love. 
Link to social media or website: Instagram @samanthalisae  


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