Ever seen her

cry or is she

the one to dry

your eyes?

Is it the way she

carries her

self-confidence or

the way she moves with

her dominance!

She’s fierce and

intense with a sixth

sense is that too

much suspense?

You think of

who while I

think of her.

You think of others

but I know it’s

my mother.

As she sits

with her

cup of coffee.

Coffee as strong as her.


Author: Janet Martinez
Email: jm67979@gmail.com
Author Bio: My name is Janet Martinez a mother to three boys. I am a full-time parent and decided to go back to college to get my associate’s degree in visual arts. My graduation date is expected to be May of 2019. I love art and anything that it consis such as painting and writing. If I had to choose, writing poetry or writing in general would be my dream job. I have a part-time job as well, so when I’m not being a mommy (which is never) or when I’m not studying, I choose to spend time on my hobbies. I like writing and painting; whenever I have free time that’s usually what I’ll do.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @_janet.martinez


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