Coffee: My Dark Soulmate

Being half Brazilian, I share roots with this magic bean called coffee. But my love story with the wake-up potion goes deeper than that. So, if you are a coffee-ista like me, you’d know by now you should have your cup ready before you go on. And if you’re not, then I’m sorry to say you can’t handle what’s coming next.

“It boosts your metabolism,” they said. So, just like any story of attraction, it starts off physical. Then the chemistry kicks in when coffee forms a golden foam on the surface in an effort to appeal to your taste buds; coffee is saying, “I like you, too.”

And don’t get me started on the first kiss—oops, I mean the first sip. It slaps the brain awake, but it is so irresistible that one kiss is just not enough. Can you tell I’m still at the first sip of my morning coffee?

Its warmth and bitterness tantalizes your taste buds and when it hits the stomach, you get butterflies that tickle your heart as they fly away.

Now let’s get serious and talk facts. I am half Lebanese too, and coffee is a companion of our happy moments and our sad times, as well. When we want to create a connection with someone, we only utter the words, “Let’s have coffee.” It sounds like, “Let me give you a hug, but on the inside, as we discuss our achievements, life’s dilemmas, and maybe a solution to the Middle East crisis.”

Yes, I’m telling you coffee is that powerful. Coffee does not judge, coffee understands. She listens to your deepest sorrows. “There, there. You’ll be ok. This, too, shall pass,” she says.

“Watch closely as I dissipate into water. You think I’m disappearing? You fool, coffee is omnipresent, and so I cannot disappear,” she continues as I eagerly prepare it. “Just let me settle and we’ll have the talk.”

“The talk?” I say, disappointed. “No, Coffee. Not you too.”

She interrupts. She does that sometimes, saying, “Oh, you don’t know how deep I am, do you? How dare you call yourself coffee-ista.”

I apologize as I prepare the tray with the coffee cups and take it outside to the garden.

You’d think “the talk” would start when you take the first sip. But in fact, it has begun long ago with your intention to prepare your first cup for the day.

Now the smell of cardamom that has come into a sacred union with that of coffee takes you back to the world of Rumi. You realize that coffee and cardamom are soulmates, and they bring out the best in one another. It’s like a power couple that creates a powerful potion of awakening; just like the story of Rumi and Shamseddine Tabrizi.

This is where my infatuation with coffee moves from the physical realm into the spiritual one. And then you stop counting cups, just like you never count kisses.

Then, as it moves up into your head; your experiences are highlighted, exaggerated, blown out of perspective and then shrunk down into just the right size. Now you can see clearly, but no need to worry, as all of this is done by coffee with zero interference from your side.

“I’ve got you,” she says, and when coffee speaks, we believe.

Coffee has been sponsoring my spiritual awakening since the first sip. She has the answers for me and that is why coffee drinking became a ritual. There is always a cozy feeling inside, an “AHA” moment, or just the extreme bitterness because you know by now that coffee partners with cardamom only.

We try to reduce the soul in our coffee by other additions, but she understands that not everyone can handle its deepness. So, she will only reveal herself to those who can handle her darkness.

Can you tell by now what lessons coffee has taught me? She taught me to never fear my own darkness, but embrace it as part of what makes me beautiful.

Coffee inspired me to stay away from people who want to dilute me or cover me up; they want to change me because they can’t handle the true me.

Instead I must seek people who want to bring out the best in me, who add more flavor into my life without suppressing my own. It also taught me to leave marks wherever I go; I choose to leave a trail of sparkle in the heart of everyone I meet.

Coffee is my dark soulmate, and I have a confession to make that is as dark: I took this coffee with me to Brazil. Please don’t tell anyone. I have to feel like home wherever I go, and what better way to do so than by engaging in this heart-warming experience, that tastes just like home?




Author: Randa Ali
Email: randa.f.ali@gmail.com
Author Bio: Randa Ali is a resilience and femininity coach who helps women navigate their emotional chaos and achieve more success in life, work and relationships by developing resilience, activating feminine essence and cultivating a strong connection to intuition. She is also a HeartMath® certified coach/mentor with experience in psycho-social support to women and children. She helps women increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, embrace their feminine energy and become the women they are meant to be. She is also passionate about public speaking and presenting in local communities and universities.
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