A Night For Women: The Be Inspired Event

I remember about this time a year ago when I was searching for motivational videos on YouTube on a cold Columbus day. As I was scrolling it felt nearly impossible to find a woman delivering motivation. It might have been the postpartum hormones, but I broke out into tears! We live in the 21st century and there is still clearly a thick glass ceiling for women.

Why are we not stepping up?

Are we scared?

Are we worried what other women and the world are going think of us?

Are we worried that we aren’t going to be able to say the right words to impact others?

I think we may get so fearful of what could happen — that we don’t get started.

I say – it is time to DO-IT-SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!

With this in mind, I decided to create a platform (and literally a stage) for real women to share their stories, their struggles, their successes, their compassion with one another.

It was out of this passion that the Be Inspired event was born!

Do you know how much I believe in this event for women? So much so that I sold most of my clothes in my closet to pay for the deposit of the venue!

It is an event created for women by women.

A night to laugh and cry.

A night to give back to our community.

A night to get dressed up and connect with other amazing women.

A night to feel INSPIRED and then go back out to the community and TAKE ACTION!

I personally invite you to join us on May 2nd at the Southern Theatre located in downtown Columbus for one powerful and inspirational evening!

Purchase tickets here: www.thebeinspiredevent.com

by Harness Editor

Harness Team Member

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