Hi guys! I'm Nikki, a ghostwriter in Winston Salem, NC. I've been ghostwriting as a side hustle for 10 years with dusty NDA (non-disclosure agreements) on file and just last year went full time and opened my professional writing business. Yay me! I specialize in capturing my client's voice, meaning we meet up a few times and before you know it, you're asking me how did I know that? I promise it's not spooky just a blessing and a curse that I'm still learning to accept about myself! Most of my days are split being a high key introvert and others being an ambivert depending on my surroundings! I'm mom to a beautiful teenager, she's in school, a working girl and loves to pick millennial/generation X debates with me. It's actually kinda interesting and cool we can go at it for hours! I absolutely LOVE researching topics, reading books and committing myself to learn something new every chance I get. One of my favorite quotes of all times is: "what's obvious to you is amazing to others." It takes on a new meaning to me everyday as a ghostwriter!
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