Aren’t You Afraid To Travel Alone?

“How does your husband feel about you traveling alone?”

“Why doesn’t he go with you?”

“Why don’t you bring a friend?”

“Aren’t you scared?”

“Don’t you get lonely?”

“Do you watch the news?”

“But… you’re a woman. Isn’t that dangerous?”

I am a wanderer. To me this means that my brain craves more than the small space I occupy can provide for me. I am not fearless, nor am I stupid. To tell you the truth, the idea of being able to stand on a glacier, see a camel in it’s natural habitat and walk through the lands of ancient history is one of the very few things that keeps me alive.

To answer some of the questions that I usually like to roll my eyes at, of course my friends and family don’t love the idea of me trotting the globe solo; however, if I waited around to find someone else who shared the desire for the adventures that I do, I would never get to leave my hometown. The idea of not seeing the world terrifies me more than anything else in this life. Also, how can you be lonely when you are constantly surrounded by new and exciting experiences?

In short, no. I am not afraid to travel alone. As a matter of fact, I crave it.



Author: Phoebe Godfrey
Email: wanderthearctic@gmail.com
Author Bio: Phoebe Godfrey is the artist behind Wander the Arctic- an online community with a strong mental health focus encouraging humans to support other humans.
Link to social media or website: http://www.wanderthearctic.com


by phoebe godfrey

Phoebe Godfrey is a blogger and content creator, best known for creating Wander the Arctic. She focuses on writing about living a fulfilling life with mental illness using art, writing and travel as coping mechanisms.


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