An Open Letter To Family During The Holidays

Family. The people who were by your side as you grew up. The people who share your DNA or mannerisms or memories. Some you knew your whole life and saw every day. Others came and went throughout your life, each playing a different role. But no matter what, family should be loving and kind and there for you when no one else is. But not all of them are.

During the holidays, many of us are reminded of what we don’t have. For some, it’s the parents who were supposed to cook meals for them and fill the Christmas tree with presents. For others, it is supportive family members who were supposed to protect them from the harm that holidays brought. For me, I lack the fond memories of baking cookies with my grandmother. My maternal grandmother was not the type of grandmother you see in Publix commercials and instead sent me home from family meals full of stress.

I believe family shouldn’t judge, they shouldn’t withhold love and support, and they shouldn’t abandon you when you need them most. Now, more than ever, our country is divided, but the dinner table shouldn’t be. If you don’t agree with your family, that’s okay. It’s not okay to belittle them, make them feel uncomfortable, or ignore them because of their beliefs. If discussions get too heated, agree to disagree. If you don’t like what they post on social media, keep scrolling and love them anyway.  

Remember your family this holiday. Remember that everyone goes through difficult times in their life, some that you might not be aware of. Sit next to them at the holiday table so they don’t feel ostracized. Add a small gift for them under the tree so they know they are welcome. Ask what their favorite dish is and make it so they can share with everyone. Light a candle for them and include them in your traditional game. Little things go a long way and family is forever.



Author: Samantha Hall
Author Bio: I am a native Floridian with a passion for rescuing animals, raising awareness for mental health and being a valuable member of society. My husband and I share our home with three cats and a dog. When I am not developing websites for work, I enjoy reading, crafting, and writing.
Link to social media: Twitter @codergirl404


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