Am I Overthinking It?

Mentally exhausted from my
ability to overthink.
Emotionally confused by your
words vs. your actions.

Numb, conflicted and terrified.
I’m impressed that you got me to lose my appetite.
I was always the type to be hungry
4-6 times a day!
Yes, I might be a fatty.

I haven’t been feeling like myself lately, and maybe this is the reason.
I just pray I can find myself in time before it’s too late.

Before you decide to completely turn my love for you into warranted insecurities.

Before I no longer see you, just lies that you contoured into the truth.

Let me take my heart back.
Let me leave unharmed, but unloved.
Stay here where I’ll remember never to come back.
Stay here—just wait here.

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by Crissy DXCII

A married, mother of a baby boy. Love writing poetry and drawing. I hope to excel in both areas.


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