Alex Waggoner

Alex Waggoner: A Series Of Paintings

Alex’s paintings are based on the traditional Southern urban landscapes and architecture that surround her in Charleston. Employing the dreamy color palette abundant in the Charleston environment, she contrasts these images with meticulous paint application. Through this exploration of architectural individuality proliferant in Charleston, she aims to encourage a thoughtful dialogue concerning Charleston’s historical significance, forgotten spaces in-between and the impact of gentrification.

Alex graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking in 2012. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina and paints in her home studio.

Alex waggoner
“69 Cents”
Alex Waggoner
“2405 B”


Alex Waggoner
“Awning Windows”


Alex Waggoner
“Coming Market”


Alex Waggoner
“Yellow Brick Broken Sign With Lighthouse”
Alex Waggoner
“Gas Station Sunrise”


“Alex Waggoner by Elizabeth Ervin”

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