A Butterfly

A Butterfly

So vain– so simple yet beautiful
Colorful and unforgettable in the sunlight.

While reminiscing her beauty
In my mind– in that time of sincerity.

Breathtaking and admirable,
If we must say,
the way she moves
and loves.

I must be mad about daydreaming
her small body with mine–
So big and little at the same time
Makes me go crazy any day for her

The amount of radiance
and beautifulness,
She shares and spreads.

A meaning that never dies
With her unique presence in my eyes–
Impressed with the way she talks,
Heart-broken whenever she cries.

Wanting to protect her always–
Regardless if she never notices me,
my little yet innocent butterfly.

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by poetcheel

My name is Chelsie Rivera, known as @poetcheel. I'm a puertorrican poetist full with amazing desires and aspirations to continue to write full-time. Literature enthusiast and a coffee maniac. Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare fan. Short age of nineteen years old, deciding to do amazing works and being a college student. I like everything except racism and discrimination comments. I started writing in 2018. Almost two years, I don't regret it. I'm a very quiet and observant person in general. Photography and art are part of my life. And I love everything about my life.


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