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I recently visited a local elementary school as part of a speaking engagement. In my introduction, they mentioned that I was 22 years old and a recent college graduate…cue audible gasps in the crowd. While this gave me a chuckle at first, such a reaction soon settled uncomfortably into my very being. Sure, when I was in second or third grade I thought all 22 year olds were put together, professional, and were probably already fighting the effects of aging. Without being able to put in into words, I assumed those of this ripe age were mature, sure of themselves, and just plain loving life. And then…there’s my current reality. As a working woman battling confusion and angst, I am the living definition of a hot mess — unsure of my future and working hard to adjust to the lif...


I realize that at 20 years of age, I am by no one’s definition old. However, I often find it difficult to even consider that by societal standards I am an adult. There are probably multiple reasons for this, but I’m sure one of the largest is that I’ve made very few major decisions for myself. That’s not to say that my life is completed dictated by the will of others, but it could be said that I’ve never truly made a choice without first consulting someone else. That trend probably would have continued until I decided I wanted to become a certified yoga teacher. Yoga grew to be a passion for me at a slow pace. I had dabbled with the practice slightly throughout my high school years, but I never practiced regularly until my freshman year of college. I was alone at a huge school, I had very ...


My dear friend went through this experience, and more too. This is a tiny snippet of her life as a teenager in California. Names and places have been changed. —– ESCAPE I am seventeen years old, and I am fleeing the country, the United States of America cannot protect me anymore. It is 3 a.m. I am creeping down the wooden stairs and praying the dogs do not hear me and wake my father, who will surely deliver a near-fatal blow if I am discovered. Don’t bark. Don’t bark. Don’t creak. Don’t breathe. The sliding door to the kitchen is cracked. I left it that way on purpose, last night. Otherwise, the alarms in place to keep me here will sound. God-willing, my foresight will prevent the telling “beep beep beep” of my coming and going. Only going now. With a one-way ticket to Copenhag...


WHY FINDING YOUR WHY IS SO IMPORTANT It’s incredibly inspiring watching a person’s face light up when they explain what they are passionate about. Hearing what led them to this passion, and their overall background story is extremely exciting. The source behind that fervor is called “Your Why”. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your profession is, every person has a Why – a source of motivation that drives you to be the best version of yourself. Whether it is family, faith, friends, or a burning desire to succeed within your field, identifying your Why will help you achieve your goals. When pinpointing your own personal Why, ask yourself these questions: What motivates you to work hard? Who do you think of when you need inspiration to power through a long workday? What are ...


THE CORNER MAN In boxing they have a term called “The Corner Man.” This individual acts like a coach. He stands in the corner observing, analyzing, putting days, months, years even of hard work into action just to make sure his teammate wins the battle. Most people overlook this team member even though they are perhaps the most vital part of the team. The boxing athlete returns to their side time and time again. Refueling them with words of empowerment. Motivation. Encouragement. To fight. Fight. Fight. Win. Win. Win. Squirt some water into the athlete’s mouth and all eyes are off of The Corner Man and back on the boxer fighting the fierce battle. What most oversees is the critical part in the entire match The Corner Man plays. The entire time this individual is analyzing not only their te...

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