Family and Motherhood


What makes you smile? Recently I was asked why I wasn’t bitter to be a mother yet, at my age. I am a 35-year-old single woman who believes in eternal families and raising happy, honest children. Why am I not bitter? Because I hope for my little family, and I hope for my happily ever after, always. What good does it do me if I’m unhappy and dwelling on something that isn’t YET mine? Why focus on the things I cannot control, the things that will ultimately destroy my belief in good things to come? I focus on the family that I DO have right now. My niece and nephews that love me unconditionally, they are my world and my joy. Although I didn’t give birth to them, I am loved one hundred percent by those sacred tiny humans. I smile because they accept me for who I am, with crazy hair, silly face...


Childbirth: A Cautionary Tale First of all, I do not share this to leave the impression I am particularly tough, because I am not. At least not any tougher than any other mom after she’s had her first baby. I also am not in the business of scaring new or soon to be moms, rest assured the odds of experiencing the following are extremely slim, practically nonexistent. Truthfully, I share this slightly selfishly for cathartic purposes but also to spread awareness of a debilitating condition and to let sufferers know, you are not alone. I had a dream pregnancy. If not for the big belly and the constant stranger comments about that big belly, I wouldn’t have even noticed that perfect babe cooking. And truthfully my labor was pretty easy breezy as well. I walked in half way dilated and rea...


10 PARTY FOOD TIPS: WHAT AND HOW TO FEED KIDS AT A PARTY What do you feed excited kids at a party to keep them happy and satisfied? You want to give them something reasonably healthy but also keep things fun! 1. Keep it simple: Go for sandwiches with 2 or 3 choices. Pita, pasta salad or pizza are also good options. Make sure you have a vegetarian option and that you are aware of any allergies. 2. Easy Fruit and Veg: Crudités such as carrots, cucumber, peppers and celery are easy to pick at and can be served with dips like hummus. Go for fruit that doesn’t need to be cut up like berries or seedless grapes and fruit that doesn’t spoil when cut like melon and mango… 3. Shape it into something fun: Use biscuit cutters to shape your sandwiches. You can also use them on fruit (such as melon) and...


Not This Time The familiarity of this waiting room was always a comfort to me. Knowing which of the sunken and worn leather chairs lined up against the darkened windows hid my face best; that the office staff wouldn’t ask questions when they saw my puffy and tear stained face. A slight comfort before receiving the familiar news. After trying, hoping, and losing…back here again. I was looking forward to the idea of a gentler pregnancy the second time around, one where I would be able to spend less time at work and more time enjoying my family and what our future held. I had it all planned out, my kids to be close together in age, they’d be best friends plus, I’d be able to get the diaper stages out of the way. The idea that the choice might not be mine, that my plans had no influence, didn’...

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